A New Starter Theme from the Automattic Theme Team

There are many folks out there who would love to make their own WordPress theme, but it’s often hard to get started without a reliable template. Sure, you could grab the Toolbox theme, but it’s a bit out of date, so it wouldn’t be the best platform to get started on.

This brings us to the new _s starter theme from the Automattic Theme Team. _s is a complete starter theme, it’s free, open source, and ready to be used by you today. Unlike Toolbox, _s is not designed to just serve as a parent theme for a mere child theme, it is really designed to be used as a template for your next great theme, or as described a “1,000 hour head start.” _s will always be in flux, upgrading and adapting to the latest web technologies, so that you’ll always have the tools you need when you’re ready to start your next theme.

_s is packed with features, but some of the highlights include a generic framework for adding responsive CSS, a script for handling menus on smaller screens, and sample theme options that can be easily re-worked.

If you can’t wait to get started on your next theme, grab _s from GitHub or the WordPress.com subversion repo today!

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A New Starter Theme from the Automattic Theme Team

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